Release – String Cheese!

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Yes Release – after all Father Time(or Day) is your best friend – Make sure you enjoy your stay.

Your only here for a blink of an eye and a string of memories.

Peace love and Chaos.

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Release. The chains on your Finger Nails

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For all those not out Drunk!!

Hello Release – Sunday Morn about 12:29 (11:34 = hell) Yes this night of food and pagan sex has

got me sleepy. Not much to say but my dad told me “nothing good really happens after midnight.”

I have seen alot of creepy crawly things in my time. The hard part is convincing other people that they exist. Oh well

you can take a horse to water but you cant make them drink, until they are drunk.

Yes this is a picture of Me!! for your midnight prayer……

There are bed bugs (I thought that was a myth until I got them)

The boogie man does exist (hes in your nose)

and Satan likes to play cards.

Oh yeah , one more thing – God is a SHIM!!!

Peace love and Chaos…

The Status Quo

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Fuck it!

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